DJ Zack Black

Zack is an OG of 4SO. He started working for our sister company doing weddings, corporate, and youth events. After a while, Zack left to travel the world, experience life, and work on his voiceover skills.

It was like a breakup, except he did it over text. Ok, so it was a breakup, leave us alone. We both moved on and remained friends while seeing other clients/people.

Then one day he contacts 4SO and says “Heyyyyyyyyyyyy… wyddddd.”

We immediately text back “❤️”

Anyways. Long story short. Zack is back. And we’re thrilled.

Why? Well, Zackaroni and Cheese is a triple-threat: he’s a great DJ, an incredible MC, and the man can even set up his own uplighting. Zack’s passion in open format and world music means that Zackillac Escalade can take any request you throw at him and mix it with easy. His vast experience in corporate events and weddings make Zackintosh not just your DJ, but your host.

Did we mention that Zackdonald’s knows Brazilian Music?

Wanna rock with the best? Check your date here!